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Defense and National Security

As a former US Army intelligence officer and defense contractor in the intelligence community, I understand the challenges we face around the globe on a daily basis. In today’s world, a strong Department of Defense is critical to the safety and success of our country. We must provide adequate funding to our military and intelligence community so they can effectively work to keep us safe.

I will constantly work with other government leaders to keep us out of harm’s way, but will also maintain our strong posture and demand accountability for foreign governments who engage in aggressive, illegal, and/or unethical behavior. In order to keep us safe at home, we must remain attentive and active in affairs elsewhere. 

At some point, we must also work to improve the efficiency of our procurement and distribution process. It has taken over a decade to get F-35 fighter jets out to operational squadrons. This is just one example of how essential equipment for our men and women in uniform is held hostage by the bureaucratic spider web in DC.

If elected, I would request to serve on the House Intelligence Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Armed Forces Committee. These are areas I have dedicated my life to serving and wish to continue that service in the US House.

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