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It is obvious to the American people by now that the Affordable Care Act, or "ObamaCare", is not all it was advertised to the American people to be. It is little more than a redistribution of wealth. Americans were misled and just plain lied to. We have to STOP the ObamaCare bailouts and repeal ObamaCare NOW!

The free market is a great thing and it can be a useful tool in rooting out bad business. We need to give Americans their freedom to choose and let the free market run it's course. By default, bad insurers would cease to exist because they would lose business and consumers would go elsewhere.

Pre-existing conditions would be a non-issue if people chose to pay in to a health plan beforehand. We have to stop focusing so much on what we are calling a pre-existing condition, and look at the lack of pre-existing health coverage. If an individual did not feel it was important enough to have health coverage, why is it suddenly a requirement for the rest of us to pay the difference in case something happens? You don't get to wreck your car and then decide you want to use money that others have been paying into the system; why should health insurance be any different.

Healthcare is very important, we all know this. Give me the opportunity to work on getting rid of this broken system and give Americans a fair deal!

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