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News Outlets Misleading Americans for the Sake of Ratings

I will expose fake news, and let common sense prevail over political correctness. I will always be vocal and stand up for our Conservative values that are constantly under attack by the hypocritical left. I will condemn senseless acts of violence and support our police officers; after all they are the only thing separating civilization and chaos.

One example we are all familiar with is NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. The media has blown the police shootings in recent years so far out of proportion, that it has affected many other areas of our society. I want to start this point by making it very clear that the unjustified killing of any human being should be punished to the full extent of our law. In this instance though, police are not killing black people at a rate disproportional to white people. Dr. Ronald Fryer is the youngest tenured African American professor in Harvard’s history. He became interested in this very issue and decided to conduct his own study. Fryer said he fully expected to find a clear pattern of unjustified violence.

To his own surprise, and many others’, his analysis showed that there was no racial bias involved when it came to the matter of deadly force. Officers are NOT shooting black people at a rate higher than whites. Dr. Fryer was quoted as saying that this was “the most surprising result of my career”. His quote shows us that even Harvard professors aren’t exempt from the false perceptions we are often fed by the liberal media.

I use this specific point because the perceived social injustice perpetuated by the leftist media, even though it is factually wrong, has caused many problems. It has ruined the relationship and trust between police officers and communities, fueled racial tensions, and spurred many violent riots and protests.

I believe there is a fine line between the 1st amendment vs knowingly misleading an audience in a way that will undoubtedly lead to violent physical reaction or the endangerment of other people.

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