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It is no surprise that our country is currently facing a major problem with illegal immigration. I will work with the President and other members of Congress to ensure we draft concrete legislation to curtail illegal immigration and then subsequently work to improve the process for hard working individuals with good intent, who want to come to America legally. I will also work to revoke federal funding to cities who are unconstitutionally considering themselves as "sanctuary cities".

At no point will I support amnesty for individuals involved in illegal activity, especially immigration. The individuals coming to America illegally are straining programs put in place to help our citizens. These programs depend on budget allocations from taxes paid by law abiding citizens. If we continue to reward individuals who are taking advantage of the system, how can we expect that they would do anything else?

We must secure our borders, penalize those breaking the law, and put Americans first! End visa lottery, end government benefits for illegals, require E-verify, and end chain migration.

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